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Installing the birdhouse webcam: 'nestcam'



After modifying the webcam and figuring out how to stream the images to a website with the Raspberry Pi, it was time to build a birdhouse and put the webcam into it.

I copied the dimensions from a birdhouse in which a couple of blue tits previously successfully raised a family, and made it a bit higher to accomodate the webcam. I used 16 mm multiplex and protected it on the outside only with clear (boat) lacquer. The outside dimensions are: 

  • width: 125 mm
  • height (front): 300 mm
  • height (rear): 350 mm
  • depth: 125 mm
  • diameter entrance hole: 28 mm
  • height of entrance hole from bottom: 195 mm

The nest had already been out for a couple of weeks, and when opening it I discovered that it was already being used because there was a lot of poop in it.

The hole for the webcam can be seen at the top. That little plate can be easily removed in case I ever want to put in another cam.

Fitting the webcam

  1. Remove the clamp from the webcam.
  2. Remove the top from the birdhouse and put the webcam in its place. Note the two tiny screws on which the webcam lies: these can be adjusted up and down to adjust the camera direction.
    looking downlooking up
  3. Secure the webcam with rubber bands.
  4. Put everything back together and connect the webcam to the Raspberry Pi.

Webcam stills

The evening after hanging the birdhouse I already had pictures from the bird that spends the night during winter. A blue tit, as it turns out. During the day the birdhouse is visited as well, sometimes by two birds. They are probably scoping it for a nesting opportunity.

01-171507-01 03-173513-00
03-173549-00 03-173630-00
01-131207-00 01-131223-00
01-131310-02 109-090302-00
119-125335-01 74-080223-00
74-080259-01 124-232836-01

Check out the live stream from Nestcam!

When the site is up you can view the live stream from the nestcam, at

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