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Building a saxophone practice room


This article is about the building of a small practice 'room' in my attic. It first appeared as a series of posts on the Sax on the Web forum.

I live in a 1950s town house which is build well enough, except for the fact that they soundproofing is not of a very high standard. I am a witness when someone three houses down the block is drilling a hole in a concrete ceiling, or when the neighbours are frolicking in their bedroom.

Needless to say, playing a saxophone (especially practicing top tones, and scales) or learning to play the trumpet, is not always amusing to listen to for someone else but me.

So I decided to build myself a small practice room in my attic. It only needs to house one person, and it does not need to be 100% soundproof since its not a recording studio. Just enough to be able to play at any length of time at any part of day without upsetting the neighbours.

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