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BeagleBone Black

Running rtl-sdr and dump1090 on the BeagleBone Black



This article explains how to configure a brand new BeagleBone Black computer to run the rtl-sdr software: software that implements 'software defined radio' on a very cheap DVB-T dongle.

Specifically: I will install and run rtl_tcp on this BeagleBone Black and connect to it from a remote location with rtl-sdr, to listen to the radio.

The article also serves as a list of actions that I need/want to do in case I have to reprovision a BeagleBone Black from scratch for whatever reason.

If you do not know what this means, and if you care, then you should probably check out these site:

This article will be in the form of sections describing particular aspects of the provisioning/installation/configuration process of a new BeagleBone Black (BBB from now, for short). I wrote this for people who feel comfortable working on the Linux command line, using the root account. If you're not then you can accept the challenge, go for it and learn something, or not.

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